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Peer SupportRecovery is Motion, LLC has a fresh and innovative approach to recovery from mental illness. Our peer run operation is designed to guide consumers through their own journey of wellness and recovery. Peer Support Specialist specifically trained in our cutting edge model, mentor participants   through a transforming process. Our course aids participators in setting and accomplishing   goals as they document   successes. Our progressive curriculum invokes hope, empowerment and inspiration for those that choose to partake wholeheartedly, engaging themselves in this evolution of healing and growth.

Services Offered:

Recovery is Motion, LLC is a Consumer Operated Service Provider located in North Texas in the DFW area.  Recovery is Motion, LLC provides many services for consumers of mental health services including a workshop based upon the curriculum of the published book, written by J D Michell, entitled Recovery is Motion: Time to Set the Gears of Recovery into Motion.

The curriculum is based on James David Michell’s experience in the mental health field as a QPPMH on a Assertive Community Treatment team (ACT), and other various positions including Peer Support Specialist and Job Development for over six years.  The workshop is four three day courses which outline the basic principles of the workbook which can be purchased through several channels including, Kindle, Google, and all fine book stores.

Recovery is Motion, LLC also serves the mental health community in the form of training for Certified Peer Support Specialist in the several different avenues that the workbook can be applied.  One of those avenues, which Recovery is Motion is seeking currently, is providing Peer Psychosocial Rehabilitation to consumers using the workbook as a tool. Recovery is Motion, LLC helps with the acquisition of workbooks, training and is available to speak at conferences, support groups, or any event which would like to utilize and acquire more information about the program.

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