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Wellness Solutions 1.0Dear Friend,

Please take the time to look over the topics for our conference in Philadelphia.  Our nationally acclaimed speakers will cover issues that are important to both consumer/survivor/ex-patients(c/s/x) and providers of mental health who wish to conform to the rapidly growing practice of providing peer services to more effectively address mental health issues.
For those seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs) we will be able to provide them for Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioners, and Certified Peer Specialists.
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Wellness Solutions 1.0
Conference Agenda
Day 1
Day 2

Conference Agenda
Wellness Solutions 1.0 – Uncensored Innovation is a chance to hear from the experts on emerging innovations in mental health recovery and wellness.

WS 1.0 will challenge the nation to make changes in failing mental health practices.  Our speakers will hold nothing back and explore avenues for improvement to the current system, as well as highlight the current practices that are positively impacting the nation.  The importance of utilizing peers and peer services in mental health has become increasingly apparent.  It is quite obvious that the medical model has been a failure, and only when we embrace the recovery model for wellness will we truly make some serious steps
toward mental health reform. There IS Hope for change!
And you make a difference by participating in this ground breaking event!
Sheraton at Society Hill, September 4-5
1 Dock Street (2nd & Walnut Streets)
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Day 1
Day 1 Topic OverviewSheraton Society Hill Meeting Room Introduction and Welcome Emerging Topics in Wellness & RecoveryPanel Discussion“The term wellness is not new in society, although it is considered a relatively new framework as it relates to mental health recovery. Wellness is now being viewed as an important construct as it relates to personal recovery and mental health systems transformation.” – Peggy Swarbrick

Dialogue with experts on emerging innovations in promoting hope, recovery, resiliency, wellness and community integration.

National Certification & Peer Registry Institute – Break Out Room

Get up to speed on the dialogue on national Certified Peer Specialist certification. The panelists will engage participants in a discussion of this timely topic, including a state-by-state analysis and how the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reimburse for CPS services.


Taking Off The Mask (Personal Recovery) – Workshop

Join nationally known peer advocate Laura Van Tosh to learn about 1:1 personal recovery styles. Van Tosh is a national expert in peer support, Certified Peer Specialists, consumer/survivor/ex-patient (c/s/x) life and meaning.


Innovations in Peer Programs Financial Sustainability – Institute

Susan Bergeson and Peter Ashenden of OptumHealth present on innovations in financial sustainability and potential funding streams for U.S. peer-operated services.


Health Homes Where Peers Are Primary Care Providers – Institute

Explore the expected impact of the Affordable Care Act on employing Certified Peer Specialists and other peers as primary care providers in the context of Health Homes.


Hope and Personal Medicine – Workshop

Discover the powerful and satisfying outcomes of basing one’s recovery in hope and personal medicine.


Innovations of WRAP and Peer Supports – Workshop

The Hope Concept Wellness Center + HOPE Project’s Founder & CEO, Magdalena Caballero, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator trained by the Copeland Center, speaks to innovations in the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)®, an evidence-based practice used by people who are dealing with mental health and life challenges as a hope and recovery tool.


State of Delaware Innovations and Creativity

State of Delaware peer specialists and longtime advocates discuss innovative models for hope, recovery, resiliency, wellness solutions and creativity.


Anatomy of an Epidemic with Robert Whitaker Outreach Event and Fundraiser for NAOPS and +HOPE Project



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Sheraton at Society Hill, September 4-5 

1 Dock Street (2nd & Walnut Streets)
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Day 2
Day 2 Topic Overview

Philadelphia Skyline
Keynote Address: 
Robert Whitaker
Critically acclaimed journalist Robert Whitaker’s masterpiece “Anatomy of an Epidemic” “investigates a medical mystery: Why has the number of adults and children disabled by mental illness skyrocketed over the past fifty years? . . . Could the widespread use of psychiatric medications – for one reason or another – be fueling this epidemic? ‘Anatomy of an Epidemic’ investigates that question, and it does so by focusing on the long-term outcome studies in the research literature. Do the studies tell of a paradigm of care that helps people get well and stay well over the long term? Or do they tell of a paradigm of care that increases the likelihood that people diagnosed with mental disorders will become chronically ill?”


On Peer Leadership – Panel

A crucial discussion with peer leaders who are experts on the peer leadership qualities, core competencies, ethics and personal responsibility indispensable in operating effectively as a peer specialist.

WRAP and WRAP Pals Innovations  – Workshop

Matthew Federici and Gina Calhoun discuss WRAP® and WRAP PALS®: tools for hope, recovery, personal responsibility, advocacy and education. They will introduce applications – designed by Mary Ellen Copeland – that are pushing the envelope.


The Certified Peer Specialist & Community Inclusion – Workshop

One of the essential tasks of peer-run programs is to help individuals with mental health conditions reconnect to the community. Join Joseph Rogers and Richard Baron in exploring ways that such programs are helping peers overcome isolation and seize opportunities to get involved in the richness of community life.


Mortality, Morality and Whose Wellness?? – Workshop

Health and wellness are no longer ignored in our mental health systems, and the World Health Organization has noted that the social determinants of health – the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, including the health system – are mostly responsible for health inequities and are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources. At the same time, information about health care disparities is often misrepresented, while individuals who use public mental health services are dying, on average, 25 years earlier than the general population. This workshop will discuss how we can change that.


Building Strength Through Diversity – Workshop

Our community’s success depends upon a celebration of diversity. Join Gareth Fenley, former Chair of the U.S. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Subcommittee and recipient of the 2012 Diversity Award of Excellence from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in a discussion of how to create a strong and diverse community and help it grow.


Introduction to Trauma and Trauma Informed Peer Supports” – Institute

Cheryl Sharp, a nationally known consultant on the subject of trauma, will present on trauma-informed care in a two-part institute which will explain why it is important to ask “What happened to you?” rather than “What’s wrong with you?” “We have to learn not to dismiss our experiences; a lot of us say, ‘I didn’t have trauma,’ when we might not be considering the whole picture,” Sharp says.


The Pennsylvania Success Story – Workshop 

Pennsylvania was one of the first states to receive approval from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to bill Medicaid for Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) services, and the state’s behavioral health service system has successfully integrated CPS services at many levels. This panel of CPSs, curriculum developers, trainers, supervisors and policy experts – who were involved every step of the way – will tell the Pennsylvania success story.


The Certified Peer Specialist and Multiculturalism – Workshop

Explore the roles and responsibilities of the Certified Peer Specialist in a multicultural environment and the scope of work for peer support services in the U.S.


Peer Support in the VA, Vet to Vet and Peer Specialists – Workshop

Vet-to-Vet USA founder, leader and decorated Vietnam War veteran Moe Armstrong and Lisa Goodale, Vice President of Training of the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, explore the role and importance  of peer services and peer supports for U.S. veterans.




Peers and the Certified Peer Specialist Workforce Future In Reform – Workshop

NACBHDD Executive Director Ron Manderscheid explores the role of peers and the Certified Peer Specialist workforce within the context of health care reform.




For more information with specific times and details please refer to the conference program:
Please click below for more information in general about Wellness Solutions 1.0:
Or to go straight to the registration page:
Sheraton at Society Hill, September 4-5

1 Dock Street (2nd & Walnut Streets)
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Thank you for taking the time to review the topics that will be covered in the Wellness Solutions 1.0 Conference.  I hope to see you there!  If you have already registered, please consider inviting a friend and forwarding this email to them!  This email contains no confidential information.


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